Publication Order of Marcus Didius Falco Books

The Silver Pigs(1989) 
Shadows in Bronze(1990) 
Venus in Copper(1991) 
The Iron Hand of Mars(1992) 
Poseidon’s Gold(1993) 
Last Act in Palmyra(1994) 
Time to Depart(1995) 
A Dying Light in Corduba(1996) 
Three Hands in the Fountain(1997) 
Two for the Lions(1998) 
One Virgin Too Many(1999) 
Ode to a Banker(2000) 
A Body in the Bath House(2001) 
The Jupiter Myth(2002) 
The Accusers(2003) 
Scandal Takes a Holiday(2004) 
See Delphi and Die(2005) 

Publication Order of Flavia Albia Books

The Ides of April(2013) 
Enemies at Home(2014) 
Deadly Election(2015) 
The Graveyard of the Hesperides(2016) 
The Third Nero(2017) 
Pandora’s Boy(2018) 
A Capitol Death(2019) 
Invitation to Die(2019) 
The Grove of the Ceasars(2020) 

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Course of Honour(1997) 
Rebels and Traitors(2009) 
Master and God(2012) 

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