Lionel Shriver

Lionel Shriver (born Margaret Ann Shriver; May 18, 1957) is an American author and journalist who lives in the United Kingdom. Her novel We Need to Talk About Kevin won the Orange Prize for Fiction in 2005.

Books in order of publication:


The Female of the Species (1987)

Checker and the Derailleurs (1988)

The Bleeding Heart (1990)

Ordinary Decent Criminals (1992)

Game Control (1994)

A Perfectly Good Family (1996)

Double Fault (1997)

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2003)

The Post-Birthday World (2007)

So Much for That (2010)

The New Republic (2012)

Big Brother: A Novel (2013)

The Mandibles (2016)

The Standing Chandelier (2017)

Property (2018)

The Motion of the Body Through Space (2020)

Should We Stay or Should We Go (2021)

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