Lisa Jewell

Born on July 19, 1968, Lisa Jewell is a British author, widely known for her entertaining fiction novels. Jewell’s most popular books including Thirty Nothing, Ralph’s Party and After Party, a sequel to Ralph’s party.

Recently, author Lisa Jewell published two novels, the Girls, and the House We Grew In. After completing her high school education at St. Michael’s Grammar School, Lisa Jewell joined Barnet College where she took an art foundation course. Later on, Lisa Jewell joined Epsom School of Art and Design, where she received a diploma in fashion illustration.

Books in order of publication:

The Family Upstairs Books

The Family Upstairs(2019) 
The Family Remains(2022) 

Ralph’s Party Books

Ralph’s Party(1999) 
After the Party(2010) 

Standalone Novels

One-Hit Wonder(2000) 
Roommates Wanted / 31 Dream Street(2000) 
A Friend of the Family(2003) 
Vince & Joy(2005) 
The Truth About Melody Browne(2009) 
The Making of Us(2011) 
Before I Met You(2012) 
The House We Grew Up In(2013) 
The Third Wife(2014) 
The Girls / The Girls in the Garden(2015) 
I Found You(2016) 
Then She Was Gone(2018) 
Watching You(2018) 
Invisible Girl(2020) 
The Night She Disappeared(2021) 


Tart Noir(2003)
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