Liu Cixin

Born on 23rd June, 1963, in the city of Yangquan in the Shanxi province of the People’s Republic of China, Liu Cixin has quickly risen in prominence among the science fiction writers of China to achieve a rare position in the global club of popular science fiction writers. Born to humble roots, Liu was trained at the North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric power, from where he was able to graduate in 1988, to begin working as a computer engineer for a local power plant.

Liu Cixin’s experience as a novelist began in 2002, when his first novel was published to widespread acclaim. Since then, Liu has gone on to publish several novels and short stories in the science fiction genre. His most famous work, The Three Body Problem, was published in 2007 and was extremely successful before being translated into English and published in 2014, helping Liu become the first asian writer to win the prestigious Hugo Best Novel of the Year award in 2015. Throughout his long and illustrious career, Liu has won a number of national and international awards for his written work, including the Chinese galaxy award on no less than nine occasions, a nebula award for best science fiction writer, a Hugo award for best novel, and the Xingyun award for best achievement in 2015.

Books in order of publication:

Three-Body Trilogy Books

The Three-body Problem(2014) 
The Dark Forest(2015) 
Death’s End(2016) 

Standalone Novels

The Weight of Memories(2016) 
Ball Lightning(2017) 
Supernova Era(2019) 


The Wandering Earth(2012)

Short Stories/Novellas

The Micro-Age(2012) 
Sun of China(2012) 
Of Ants and Dinosaurs(2012) 
Taking Care of Gods(2012) 
The Longest Fall(2012) 
With Her Eyes(2012) 
Curse 5.0(2013) 
The Wages of Humanity(2013)
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