Liz Dobbs

Specializes in commissioning and providing content on all aspects of gardening, plants, plant science, garden history, gardens, garden visiting, flowers and grow-your-own.
Websites: organizing and commissioning content around plants, plant science, gardens and home. Office of Science Directorate Kew Gardens, GAP Photos.

Books in order of publication:

The “Gardening Which?” Guide To Successful Perennials1998
Garden Makeovers: The Complete Guide to Renovating Your Garden2000
The Gardening Which? Guide To Growing Your Own Vegetables2001
The Essential Book of Garden Design Techniques2001
The Essential Garden: Tools, Techniques, and Tips for a Successful Garden2002
Tools for Gardeners2002
Keep Calm and Pot on: Good Advice for Gardeners2011
Small is Bountiful: Getting More From Your Crops2012
1001 Plants: You must grow before you die2016
1001 Plants to Dream of Growing2016
Container Vegetable Gardening: Growing Crops in Pots in Every Space2019
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