Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry is an American writer who is credited for an autobiography and more than thirty children’s story books. She has so far won two Newbery medals; one for the ‘Number of Stars’ in 1989 and another one titled The Giver in 1993. In her appreciation as a great contributor and children writer, Lois Lowry became a finalist in 2000 and in 2004 when she was a U.S nominee for the Hans Christian Andersen Award that is being conducted biennially. This is the highest available recognition for the writers of children’s books in the United States of America. Lois Lowry later in 2007 received an award from the American Library Association (Margaret Edward Award), as the best contributor in writing for children.

Books in order of publication:

Anastasia Krupnik Books

Anastasia Krupnik(1978) 
Anastasia Again!(1981) 
Anastasia at Your Service(1982) 
Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst(1984) 
Anastasia On Her Own(1985) 
Anastasia Has the Answers(1986) 
Anastasia’s Chosen Career(1987) 
Anastasia at This Address(1991) 
Anastasia, Absolutely(1995) 
Anastasia Off Her Rocker(2015) 

J.P. Tate Books

The 100th Thing About Caroline(1983) 
Your Move, J.P.!(1990) 

Sam Krupnik Books

All About Sam(1988) 
Attaboy, Sam(1992) 
See You Around, Sam!(1996) 
Zooman Sam(1999) 

Giver Quartet Books

The Giver(1993) 
Gathering Blue(2000) 

Gooney Bird Books

Gooney Bird Greene(2002) 
Gooney Bird and the Room Mother(2005) 
Gooney the Fabulous(2007) 
Gooney Bird is So Absurd(2009) 
Gooney Bird on the Map(2011) 
Gooney Bird and All Her Charms(2014) 

Dear America Books

Like the Willow Tree(2011)

Giver Graphic Novels

The Giver(2019) 

Standalone Novels

A Summer to Die(1977) 
Here in Kennebunkport(1978) 
Find a Stranger, Say Good-Bye(1978) 
Autumn Street(1980) 
Taking Care of Terrific(1983) 
The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline(1983) 
Us and Uncle Fraud(1984) 
Rabble Starkey(1987) 
The Woods at the End of Autumn Street(1987) 
The Road Ahead(1988) 
Number the Stars(1989) 
Stay!: Keeper’s Story(1997) 
The Silent Boy(2003) 
The Willoughbys(2008) 
The Birthday Ball(2010) 
Bless This Mouse(2011) 

Picture Books

Crow Call(2009)

Non-Fiction Books

Looking Back: A Book of Memories(1998)
On the Horizon(2020)
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