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Louise Penny is a Canadian New York Times bestselling author of mystery. Louise Penny was born in Toronto and she was introduced to mystery novels at a young age because her mother read many works fiction, non-fiction, and crime. She enjoyed reading works from authors such as Agatha Christie, Michael Innes, and many more. She’s always dreamed of writing and when the opportunity was given to pursue that dream she took it, and never looked back.

Louise Penny started off as a radio host, journalist after obtaining a Bachelors Degree at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute which is also known as (Ryerson University). She maintained an eighteen year career as a radio host and journalist with the Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) and turned to writing. During that position she wrote numerous articles on wars in Quebec, interviews she set up, and hosted a morning show. The experience taught her the crafting of listening closely and carefully. Louise Penny learned about scenarios and the art of creativity which is displayed in the works of her books. After quitting her job and pursuing her dream as a writer Louise Penny was not motivated enough to write and she was afraid of not being successful, but soon loved her own work after winning numerous rewards with her 8- series novel of the Chief Inspector. Louise has also had the works published in 8 different languages, so it can be shared with people across the globe.

While broadcasting Louise Penny became an alcoholic because of depression isolation from her family and friends. After admitting to her problem she met her husband Michael Whitehead and pursued writing ever since. Mystery writing wasn’t her first genre, she started off with a historical novel that she couldn’t complete. After long nights of trying to conclude the novel she eventually turned to writing in a genre she was familiar with and won second place for her first book “Still Life,” in a United Kingdom competition called ” Debut Dagger.” Soon after the novel has won other awards: Dagger, United Kingdom, Arthur Ellis Award in Canada , and two awards in the US. for best first novel titled Anthony Award and Barry Award.
Louise Penny has published a series of books that have become very popular called the Three Pine series are inspired by a group of people, but revolves around a man that astounded her with his courtesy and dignity. Louise Penny took his personality behavior and let it run her imagination wild. Louise Penny’s character Gamache is the head of homicide department set in Sûreté du Quebec. Louise Penny writes in a whodunit style which allows her readers to engage in the same deduction process of the detectives in her stories.Louise Penny writing style in the new novel takes her readers on life-changing events that help them become better people in everyday life through her characters. While facing ghosts and unraveling secrets in the village of Sûreté du Québec Louise Penny readers go on a massive journey of resolving the answers to questions asked by Gamache.

The first book titled “Still Life” has the popular Chief Inspector Gamache and his team in a world away trying to solve the mystery death of long-time resident Jane Neal.While the locals think the death was an accident Gamache feels something is else is hiding in the depths of the town woods. Through out the book Louise Penny builds Gamache into a hero who commands his forces and continues the series with charm and power. Gamache goes through a chronicle of events that helps him develop into a better man for his team at the Sûreté du Québec department.

The latest book “The Beautiful Mystery” continues in the wilderness of Quebec and the journey of resolving mysteries for Chief Inspector. The book received many reviews from people magazine, booklist, and goodreads.com. Louise Penny fans really support her work, and help her continue the series of Chief Inspector. When writing the series Louise Penny has fun, and hopes her readers are having as much reading the novels as much as she writes them. Since Louise Penny always wanted to write it shows in her work how well she knows her characters, and enjoy the adventures she takes her characters on.

The end of summer 2013 brought another addition to the Gamache series with Louise Penny’s novel “How The Light Gets In.” Louise Penny new novel is set in the winter of Quebec and Chief Gamache is facing an eternal storm of losing most of his agents in the homicide department he’s considering leaving the city when a friend reports her missing friend who is a well-known woman of the world. With battles within the city against Gamache Louise Penny has her readers on the edge to find out if the chief and his city will find peace and what price will they have to pay to gain it.The novel was released August 2013 and book reviewers have already said Louise Penny talents makes the novel a page turner from beginning to end. The novel is written in a sophisticated way that Louise Penny balances personal courage and faith with heartbreaking choices.

Louise Penny’s work was often compared to Agatha Christie because the main character Gamache reminded other mystery fan readers of the main character in Christie books. The setting of Louise Penny book was also similar to the settings in Agatha Christie books, but that didn’t stop Louise Penny from pursuing her dream as a writer. Instead it helped her write more because she never expected to publish her work and gain awards her only goal was to finish a book. In the beginning Louise Penny didn’t want to sale her rights to any of her books for television in fear of losing the creativeness of the characters. She eventually sold her right to PDM Entertainment and Attraction Images after the company offered her a position as an executive producer during the film production. Her first film titled “Still Life” has gone into production 2012 fall and is expecting to air sometime in 2013.

Books published in order

Inspector Gamache Books

Still Life(2005) 
Dead Cold / A Fatal Grace(2007) 
The Cruelest Month(2008) 
A Rule Against Murder / The Murder Stone(2009) 
The Brutal Telling(2009) 
Bury Your Dead(2010) 
A Trick of the Light(2011) 
The Beautiful Mystery(2012) 
How the Light Gets In(2013) 
The Long Way Home(2014) 
The Nature of the Beast(2015) 
A Great Reckoning(2016) 
Glass Houses(2017) 
Kingdom of the Blind(2018) 
A Better Man(2019) 
All The Devils Are Here(2020) 
State of Terror (2021)
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