Lucy Lethbridge

Lucy Lethbridge has written numerous books, as well as writing articles for the Observer, the Sunday Telegraph, the Independent on Sunday, the Times Literary Supplement, Art News, and Art+Auction. She lives in London.

Books in order of publication:

Florence Nightingale – 1990

Ada Lovelace: Computer Wizard Of Victorian England – 2003

Annie Oakley – 2004

St. Francis Of Assisi: The Patron Saint Of Animals – 2005

True Stories of Pirates – 2005

Servants: A Downstairs History of Britain from the Nineteenth-Century to Modern Times – 2013

Henry Smith: His Life & Legacy – 2015

Spit and Polish: Old-Fashioned Ways to Banish Dirt, Dust and Decay – 2016

Mind Your Manors: Tried-and-True British Household Cleaning Tips – 2016

Tourists – 2022

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