Lucy Parker

She resides in New Zealand in the Central Otago region, noted for its beauty. The author has plenty of opportunity to view natural beauty at her home, noting that she feels lucky to have the chance to go out every day and take in lakes, mountains, and vineyards.

Lucy pursued a degree in the field of Art History. As a result, she has a passion for art galleries and going to museums. When she can’t think of anything to write, she sits down and draws flowers.

The author spends much of her time writing. When she is not busy doing that or sleeping or working, she takes the time to get to her stack of books to be read that somehow manages to never decrease in size. There is always yet another book waiting for her to read it.

Lucy first became interested in romantic fiction when she was young. She saw Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, which inspired her to sit down and read the book too. When a friend of the family suggested that she read Georgette Heyer, it solidified her interest in this type of fiction for good.

Books in order of publication:

London Celebrities Books

Act Like It(2015) 
Pretty Face(2017) 
Making Up(2018) 
The Austen Playbook(2019) 
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