Lynn Reid Banks

Lynne Reid Banks is a bestselling English novelist of children’s books, adult fiction, and nonfiction novels. She has written over 45 books in her career that includes children’s book called The Indian in the Cupboard. This book has sold more than 10 million printed copies throughout the world and has also been adapted into a movie. Lynne began her writing career in 1960 with the book called The L-Shaped Room. It was an instant bestseller.

Books in order of publication by series:

Indian in the Cupboard Books

Indian in the Cupboard(1980) 
Return of the Indian(1986) 
The Secret of the Indian(1989) 
The Mystery of the Cupboard(1993) 
Key to the Indian(1998) 

L-Shaped Room Books

The L-Shaped Room(1961) 
The Backward Shadow(1970) 
Two is Lonely(1974) 

Bronte Sisters Saga Books

Dark Quartet(1976) 
Path to the Silent Country(1977) 

Stories to Make You Squirm Books

Harry the Poisonous Centipede(1996) 
Harry the Poisonous Centipede’s Big Adventure(2000) 
Harry the Poisonous Centipede Goes to Sea(2005)

Standalone Novels

End to Running(1966) 
Children at the Gate(1968) 
One More River(1973) 
Sarah and After(1975) 
The Adventures of King Midas(1976) 
The Farthest Away Mountain(1976) 
My Darling Villain(1977) 
I, Houdini(1981) 
Defy the Wilderness(1981) 
The Writing on the Wall(1982) 
Torn Country(1982) 
Maura’s Angel(1984) 
The Warning Bell(1984) 
The Fairy Rebel(1985) 
Broken Bridge(1994) 
Angela and Diabola(1997) 
Fair Exchange(1998) 
Moses in Egypt(1998) 
Alice by Accident(2000) 
The Dungeon(2002) 
Stealing Stacey(2004) 
Tiger, Tiger(2004) 
Bad Cat, Good Cat(2011) 
House of Hope(2018) 


The Magic Hare(1992)


The Travels of Yoshi and the Tea Kettle(1993)

Picture Books

Polly and Jake(2010) 
The Spice Rack(2010) 

Non-Fiction Books

Letters to My Israeli Sons(1979)
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