Lynne Truss

Lynne Truss is one of the award-winning novelists from The United Kingdom who has written a few famous novels based on the nonfiction genre. She is particularly famous for writing down the successful books titled ‘Approach To Punctuation’, ‘Eats, Shoots, and Leaves’, and ‘Cat Out Of Hell’. Apart from being a successful author, Lynne is also a well-known journalist in England. Author Lynne was born on May 31, 1955, in Kingston, England, The United Kingdom.

Books in order of publication:

Constable Twitten Books

A Shot in the Dark(2018) 
The Man That Got Away(2019) 
Murder by Milk Bottle(2020) 
Psycho by the Sea(2021)

Inspector Steine Books

Inspector Steine – Series One(2008) 
Casebook Of Inspector Steine(2009) 
The Adventures of Inspector Steine(2010) 

Standalone Novels

Tennyson’s Gift(1997) 
Going Loco(1999) 
With One Lousy Free Packet of Seed(2004) 
Cat Out of Hell(2014) 
The Lunar Cats(2016) 

Short Story Collections

A Certain Age(2005) 
The Casebook of Inspector Steine(2010) 

Non-Fiction Books

Making the Cat Laugh(1995) 
Tennyson and His Circle(1999) 
Glued to the Gogglebox: 50 Years of British Television(2003) 
Eats, Shoots & Leaves(2003) 
Talk to the Hand(2005) 
The Girl’s Like Spaghetti(2007) 
Twenty-Odd Ducks(2008) 
Get Her Off the Pitch!(2009)
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