Marc Morris – English author

Mark Morris (born 15 June 1963) is an English author known for his series of horror novels, although he has also written several novels based on the BBC Television series Doctor Who. He used the pseudonym J. M. Morris for his 2001 novel Fiddleback.

Books in order of publication:


Toady (1989)

Stitch (1991)

The Immaculate (1993)

The Secret of Anatomy (1994)

Mr Bad Face (1996)

Longbarrow (1997)

Genesis (1998)

Fiddleback (2001)

Nowhere near an Angel (2005)

The Deluge (2007)

It Sustains (2013)

Horror Hospital (2014)

The Black (2014)

The Wolves of London (2014)

The Society of Blood (2015)

The Wraiths of War (2016)


“The Dogs” (2001)

“The Uglimen” (2003)

“Stumps” (2008)

“Albion Fay” (2015)


Close to the Bone (1995)

Voyages into Darkness (with Stephen Laws)

Long Shadows, Nightmare Light (2011)

Wrapped in Skin (2016)

Warts and All (2020)


Dead Island (2011)
Vampire Circus (2012)
Noah (2014)
The Great Wall (2017)
The Predator (with Christopher Golden) (2018)

Doctor Who

The Bodysnatchers

Deep Blue

Forever Autumn

Ghosts of India

False Gods (audio play)

Plague of the Daleks (audio play)

Jago and Litefoot Series 2: The Necropolis Express (audio play)

House of Blue Fire (audio play)

Moonflesh (audio play)


Bay of the Dead


The All-Seeing Eye

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