March 2021 artist – Larry Waisanen

My interest in photography dates back to my college days when I bought my first 35mm camera. Back then I was pretty much just a point and shoot man, trying to capture important moments in my life. Over the course of my career we had the good fortune to live for extended periods of time in Dallas, Washington, DC, Montreal, Paris and Istanbul. Those work assignments triggered an interest in travel photography and I began to think of my photos as a creative way to tell stories with my images – stories of the people, places, monuments, and natural beauty of the cities and countries in which we lived and the unique places in the world that I have had the privilege of exploring. In the early 2000s I developed an interest in garden and floral photography that continues to this day. For about 10 years, as I was trying to improve my photographic skills, I took drawing lessons because I was told “drawing lessons will help you to see better and will take your photography to another level”. I invite you to explore my galleries on SmugMug or to contact me directly if you have an interest in any of my photographs:

The theme of this exhibit is “Shapes, Shadows and Reflections”. When I am out shooting I try to keep in mind one of the lessons I learned in drawing which is to look for shapes and shadows rather than objects.

Antarctic – 1
Antarctic – 2
Antarctic Midnight
Arctic # 1
Arctic # 2
Central Expressway
Holiday Lights
Dallas Ice 2021
Ice and tiles
Salt Flats
Sandhill Cranes
Snow melt
White Sands # 1
White Sands # 2
White Sands # 3
White Sands # 4

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