Mark Billingham

Mark Billingham is an English novelist.  His series of Tom Thorne are the bestselling crime novels in the UK. He lives in North London with his wife and children. Billingham is also a television screenwriter and has become famous as a comic and an actor.

He was born 2nd July 1961 in Solihull, Warwickshire and grew up in Birmingham. Mark attended the King Edward VI camp Hill school which was a Boys grammar school located nearby Kings Heath. He later joined University and graduated with a degree in drama.

Books in order of publication:

Tom Thorne Books

Scaredy Cat(2001) 
The Burning Girl(2004) 
Death Message(2007) 
From The Dead(2010) 
Good as Dead / The Demands(2011) 
The Dying Hours(2013) 
Thorne at Christmas: A Short Story Collection(2013) 
The Bones Beneath(2014) 
Time of Death(2015) 
Love Like Blood(2017) 
The Killing Habit(2018) 
Their Little Secret(2019) 
Cry Baby(2020) 

Triskellion Books

The Burning(2009) 
The Gathering(2010) 

Standalone Novels

Knight School(1998) 
In the Dark(2008) 
Rush of Blood(2012) 
Die of Shame(2016) 
Cut Off(2018) 
Rabbit Hole(2021) 
The Murder Book(2022)

Short Story Collections

Dancing Towards the Blade and Other Stories(2013)

Non-Fiction Books

Great Lost Albums (With: David Quantick,Martyn Waites,Stav Sherez)  (2014)


Like a Charm (2004)  

Criminal Tendencies (2009)  

The Killer Cookbook (2012)  

Inherit the Dead (2013)  

Crime Writers: A Decade of Crime (2016)  

Dead Simple (2017)  

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