Martin Amis

Martin Amis is an English essayist, novelist, screenwriter, and writer of short stories. He is known for books like London Fields (made into a 2018 movie starring Amber Heard among others) and Money.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

The Rachel Papers(1973) 
Dead Babies(1975) 
Other People(1981) 
London Fields(1989) 
Time’s Arrow(1991) 
The Information(1995) 
Night Train(1997) 
Yellow Dog(2003) 
House of Meetings(2006) 
The Pregnant Widow(2010) 
Lionel Asbo(2012) 
The Zone of Interest(2014) 


Einstein’s Monsters(1987) 
Two Stories(1994) 
God’s Dice(1995) 
Heavy Water(1998) 
Vintage Amis(2004) 

Non-Fiction Books

Invasion of the Space Invaders(1982) 
The Moronic Inferno(1986) 
Visiting Mrs Nabokov(1993) 
The War Against Cliche(2001) 
Koba the Dread(2002) 
The Second Plane(2008) 
The Rub of Time(2017) 
The Gamblers(2018)
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