Martin Duberman

Martin Bauml Duberman is a scholar and playwright. He graduated from Yale in 1952 and earned a Ph.D. in American history from Harvard in 1957. Duberman left his tenured position at Princeton University in 1971 to become Distinguished Professor of History at Lehman College in New York City.

Books in order of publication:

Charles Francis Adams, 1807-18861961
In White America1964
The Antislavery Vanguard: New Essays On The Abolitionists1965
Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community1972
Male Armor: Selected Plays 1968-19741975
Uncompleted Past1985
Hidden from History: Reclaiming the Gay and Lesbian Past1989
Cures: A Gay Man’s Odyssey1991
About Time: Exploring the Gay Past; Revised and Expanded Edition1991
Mother Earth: An Epic Drama of Emma Goldman’s Life1991
Paul Robeson1992
Liberace (Lives of Notable Gay Men and Lesbians)1994
Walt Whitman: American Poet1995
Sergei Diaghilev1995
Midlife Queer: Autobiography of a Decade, 1971-19811996
Beyond Gay or Straight1996
A Queer World: The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader1997
Left Out: The Politics of Exclusion: Essays 1964-20021999
Nyc Sex2002
Queer Ideas: The Kessler Lectures in Lesbian & Gay Studies2003
Visions of Kerouac2006
The Worlds of Lincoln Kirstein2007
Radical Acts: Collected Political Plays2008
Waiting to Land: A (Mostly) Political Memoir, 1985-20082009
A Saving Remnant: The Radical Lives of Barbara Deming and David McReynolds2011
Howard Zinn: A Life on the Left2012
The Martin Duberman Reader: The Essential Historical, Biographical, and Autobiographical Writings2013
Hold Tight Gently: Michael Callen, Essex Hemphill, and the Battlefield of AIDS2014
The Emperor Has No Clothes: The Radical Voice of Doug Ireland2015
Jews Queers Germans2017
Has the Gay Movement Failed?2018
The Rest of It: Hustlers, Cocaine, Depression, and Then Some, 1976–19882018
Luminous Traitor: The Just and Daring Life of Roger Casement, a Biographical Novel2018
Andrea Dworkin: The Feminist as Revolutionary2020
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