Martin Sixsmith

Martin Sixsmith is a British journalist, author, and television/radio presenter. In 1980, he joined the BBC and was a foreign correspondent who reported from Moscow prior to the ending of the Cold War.

He was also a Poland reporter during the “Solidarity Uprising” before being posted to Washington during Bill Clinton’s first election and his presidency. In 1997, Martin left the BBC and went to work for Tony Blair that had just been newly elected.
He would become a civil servant working as Director of Communications with Alistair Darling, Frank Field, and Harriet Harman. He would then work as a director for GEC and oversaw the rebranding of Marconi plc.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

I Heard Lenin Laugh(2006) 
An Unquiet Heart(2019) 

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Moscow Coup(1991) 
The Litvinenko File(2007) 
The Lost Child of Philomena Lee(2009) 
Putin’s Oil(2010) 
Ayesha’s Gift(2017) 
The War of Nerves(2021) 
The Russia Conundrum (With: )(2022) 

Publication Order of Anthologies

Historically Inevitable?  (2016)

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