Mary Robinette Kowal

Mary Robinette Kowal is a renowned author from the United States, who is famous for writing fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, romance, regency, and fiction novels. She is particularly well known for writing the Glamourist Histories book series. Author Kowal is the winner of the 2008 Campbell Award, which she won in the Best New Writer category. She has also won the Hugo Award in 2011 for writing the short story For Want of a Nail. The stories written by author Kowal have featured in a number of popular literary magazines, including Asimov’s, Tablebones Magazine, Apex Digest, Strange Horizons, etc. They have even appeared in a few Best of the Year anthologies. In addition to being an author, Mary Kowal is also a professional voice actor and puppeteer.

Books in order of publication by series:

Glamourist Histories Books

Shades of Milk and Honey(2010) 
Glamour in Glass(2012) 
Without a Summer(2013) 
Valour and Vanity(2014) 
Of Noble Family(2015) 

Lady Astronaut Books

The Lady Astronaut of Mars(2014) 
The Calculating Stars(2018) 
The Fated Sky(2018) 

Standalone Novels

Ghost Talkers(2016)

Short Stories/Novellas

First Flight(2010) 
For Want of a Nail(2011) 
The Escapement of Blackledge(2016) 
Forest of Memory(2016) 
A Fire in the Heavens(2017) 

Short Story Collections

Scenting the Dark and Other Stories(2009) 
Shadows Beneath(2014) 
Word Puppets(2015) 


The Hugo Award Showcase: 2010 Volume(2010)
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