Matt Lilley

When I’m not writing children’s books, I’m working as a technical writer. Writing nonfiction for kids is a lot like technical writing. For both, you have to take complicated topics and make them easy to understand. Writing for kids is harder; in addition to making complex topics easy to understand, you have to make them interesting.

I have a master’s in scientific and technical communication. The focus of my master’s was on health and medical writing, with a special emphasis on medical writing for kids. In addition to medical writing, other favorite topics for me to write about include exploration and nature.

I am also a Minnesota Master Naturalist. I live and write in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Books in order of publication:

Beavers – 2018

Why We Love: The Science of Affection – 2019

Why We Cry: The Science of Tears – 2019

Stephen Curry – 2020

Rattlesnakes – 2021

Scorpions – 2021

Strong as an Ox: Are Oxen Powerful? – 2022

Stubborn as a Mule: Are Mules Headstrong? – 2022

Good Eating: The Short Life of Krill – 2022

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