Matthew Fray

I am a writer and relationship coach.

I got divorced in 2013 and thought I was going to die. And that’s maybe a little dramatic, but it’s true. I struggled with normal stuff like breathing. The way I felt every day of my life had been replaced by some suckier feeling. And everything I was certain of — everything I was counting on happening tomorrow and the next day and next year all went up in smoke. So I went to work on figuring out what happened. Questions like “What did I do to contribute to this?” or “What could I have done differently to prevent this?” were routinely on my mind. So I drank too much one night and started writing about it on the internet.

And something magical happened. People “got” it. My story was their story. My dysfunctional relationship looked and sounded and felt like their dysfunctional relationships.

Published book:

This Is How Your Marriage Ends: A Hopeful Approach to Saving Relationships – 2022

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