May 2021 Artist – Lauri Thomas

A photo the artist, Lauri Osburn Thomas

Lauri Osburn Thomas

Artist Biography

12685 State Hwy 323 West

Overton, TX 75684


Lauri Osburn Thomas is a native East Texan pursuing her passion of teaching and creating art. Lauri has traveled a circuitous career path that began with a love of art and has now come full circle so that she is able to teach and create full time.

Lauri holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a Specialization in Art from the University of Texas at Tyler (UTT), a Master of Science in Library Science from East Texas State University (now Texas A&M Commerce), a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UTT and a Master of Science in Nursing Administration from UTT. Her journeys have converged to provide a rich foundation for her artwork.

She utilizes vintage materials in her work as a means to tell the stories of others and the past while looking forward to the future. These materials are used to create canvases, jewelry, mosaics, and other unique works of art. Lauri also volunteers and serves on the Board of Directors for Son Shine Lighthouse Ministries, is a member of the Henderson Woman’s Club, serves as a committee member for Programming with America’s College of Healthcare Executives and is a Fellow with the organization. She loves spending time with her husband, children, grandchildren and friends. Her work has been featured in juried exhibits in Longview, Tyler, Winnsboro and Dallas.

This series of works are printed on Cotton Art Canvas the originals have been sold.

Perfect Imperfection
Ninety Nine bottles
Letting Go
Archway of England

This next group of images are photographs from my travels to England, Cayman Islands and North Carolina. The photos are either canvas wrapped or PVC printed and framed.

busy bee
Natures Jewel
Raglan Castle
St. Andrews
Youve got to be kidding

These images are of original works that are for sale.

Resplendent Quetzal – $189
No Bull – $65
Morning Glory – $100

Dragonfly Dance – $250
Birds Eye View – $145
Passage of Time
Mixed Media Clock
Hand embroidery on vintage linen

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