Megan Walsh

I am an arts journalist, currently based in London. These days I often write, although not exclusively, about Chinese literature, film, and culture. My interest in the Chinese arts began back in 2004 when I first lived in Beijing. I spent my much of my free time tagging along with a flatmate to artists’ studios, hanging around in cozy little book shops and, I confess, stocking up on knock-off DVDs of Chinese and European movies.

When I returned to the UK, after stints at a few newspapers, I worked for five years at The Times of London’s Books’ section where I also had the chance to report on art and literature in Cuba, Northern Iraq, Russia, and China. One of these trips inspired me to move back to Beijing to study Chinese properly, which eventually led to a masters at SOAS in Chinese studies (majoring in film and literature) and an intensive year of language-learning in Taipei.

Published book:

The Subplot: What China Is Reading and Why It Matters – 2022

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