Michael Arditti

Michael Arditti is an English writer. He has written eleven novels, including Easter, The Enemy of the Good, Jubilate and The Breath of Night, and also a collection of short stories, Good Clean Fun. Michael Arditti’s tenth novel, The Anointed, was published in April 2020. He is a prolific literary critic and an occasional broadcaster for the BBC. Much of his work explores issues of spirituality and sexuality. He has been described by Philip Pullman as “our best chronicler of the rewards and pitfalls of present-day faith”.

Books in order of publication:


  • The Celibate (1993)
  • Pagan and her Parents (1997) US title Pagan’s Father
  • Easter (2000)
  • Unity (2005)
  • A Sea Change (2006)
  • The Enemy of the Good (2009)
  • Jubilate (2011)
  • The Breath of Night (2013)
  • Widows and Orphans (2015)
  • Of Men and Angels (2018)
  • The Anointed (2020)
  • The Young Pretender (2022)

Short Stories

  • Good Clean Fun (2004) collection
  • The Loyal Wife in The Gay Times Book of Short Stories, ed P-P Hartnett (2000)
  • In The Event of in When It Changed, ed Geoff Ryman (2009)

Stage plays

  • The Volunteer, the National Youth Theatre at the Shaw (1980)
  • The Freshman, National Student Theatre Company (1984)
  • The Ceremony of Innocence, Liverpool Playhouse (1989)

Radio plays

  • Something To Scare Off The Birds, Radio Four Monday play (1985)
  • The Morning Room, Radio Four (1985)
  • The Chatelaine, Radio Four Monday play (1987)
  • The Family Hotel, Radio Four Monday play (1991)
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