Michael Cox – English academic

Michael Cox is Emeritus Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics (LSE) and Founding Director of LSE IDEAS. He is an associate Fellow in the US and Americas Programme at Chatham House where he established their original United States Discussion Group, is a member of the Scholarly Advisory Board of the Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History in New York and writes regularly for the US-based H-Diplo network.

His most recent books include The Post-Cold War World (2018), a new edition of J. M. Keynes’s The Economic Consequences of the Peace (2019), and a new volume of E.H. Carr’s Nationalism and After (2021).

Books in order of  publication:

National Security and Arms Control: Superpowers at the Crossroads, 1990

US Foreign Policy After the Cold War: Superpower Without a Mission?, 1995

The Interregnum: Controversies in World Politics, 1989–1999

American Democracy Promotion: Impulses, Strategies, Impacts, 2000

A Farewell to Arms? From “Long War” to Long Peace in Northern Ireland, 2000

A Critical Appraisal, 2000

How Might We Live? Global Ethics for a New Century, 2001

Empires, System and States: Great Transformations in International Politics, 2001

The Twenty Years’ Crisis: An Introduction to the Study of International Relations, 1919–1939

The Globalization of World Politics (2nd Edition), 2001

Historical Materialism and Globalisation: Essays in Continuity and Change, 2002

Millennial Reflections on International Relations, 2002

Worlds in Collision: The Great Terror and Global Order, 2002

The Legacy of State Socialism and the Future of Transformation, 2002

Governing America: The Politics of a Divided Democracy, 2003

The Last Decade of the Cold War: From Conflict Escalation to Conflict Transformation, 2004

American Power in the 21st Century, 2004,

Northern Ireland: A Farewell to Arms? Beyond the Good Friday Agreement, 2005

America at War: US Foreign Policy After 11 September, 2005

Twentieth Century International Relations, 2006

US Foreign Policy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008

Power Shifts, Economic Change and the Decline of the West? – 2012

The Post-Cold War World (2018)

J. M. Keynes The Economic Consequences of the Peace (new edition) (2019)

E.H. Carr’s Nationalism and After (2021)

The Agonies of Empire: Foreign Policy from Clinton to Biden – 2022

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