Michael Dobbs

Michael Dobbs is a famous name not only in literary and business circles, but also in political circles. He is a conservative politician who has left his mark in the political world. He is also famous due his status as a best- selling political thriller author. His books, most notably among them the House of Cards trilogy, have earned him global acclaim as one of the best political authors.

In the literary world, Michael has gained critical acclaim as a force to reckon with as far as political thriller novels are concerned. His writing stands out from other legendary fiction political authors because of its accuracy, which is not something that can be said of many other books in this genre. Dobbs has a strong political background on which to build his novels, which serves to bring his books to life in an exciting and plausible way.

Books in order of publication:

House Of Cards Books

House of Cards(1989) 
To Play the King(1992) 
The Final Cut(1995) 

Thomas Goodfellowe Books

Goodfellowe MP(1997) 
The Buddha of Brewer Street(1997) 
Whispers of Betrayal(2000) 

Winston Churchill Books

Winston’s War(2002) 
Never Surrender(2003) 
Churchill’s Hour(2004) 
Churchill’s Triumph(2005) 

Harry Jones Books

The Lord’s Day(2007) 
The Edge of Madness(2008) 
The Reluctant Hero(2010) 
Old Enemies(2011) 
The Sentimental Traitor(2012) 
A Ghost at the Door(2013) 

Standalone Novels

Wall Games(1990) 
Last Man to Die(1991) 
The Touch of Innocents(1994) 
First Lady(2006) 

Non-Fiction Books

King Richard: an American Tragedy(2021)
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