Michael E. Mann

Michael E. Mann is Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State, with joint appointments in the Department of Geosciences and the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute (EESI). He is also director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center (ESSC) . Mann is the author of several books including his most recent work, The Madhouse Effect, which features cartoons by Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Tom Toles.

Books in order of publication:

Dire Predictions: Understanding Global Warming – The Illustrated Guide to the Findings of the IPCC – 2008

The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines – 2012

The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy – 2016

The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet – 2021

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