Michael Shaara

Michael Shaara was born in Jersey City to Italian Immigrants. A student at Rutgers University, Michael always knew that he would pursue writing. And he eventually brought this dream to pass.

Michael started small. By the 1950s, the author had begun publishing short science fiction stories in magazines, and some of his stories were so good that he even won awards. Michael’s renown slowly grew, with his short stories eventually drawing the interest of notable brands of print media like Playboy and Cosmopolitan.

Books in order of publication:

Civil War: 1861-1865 Books

The Killer Angels(1974) 
Gods and Generals (By:Jeff Shaara)(1996) 
The Last Full Measure (By:Jeff Shaara)(1998)

Standalone Novels

The Broken Place(1968) 
The Herald / The Noah Conspiracy(1981) 
For Love of the Game(1991) 
The Rebel in Autumn(2013) 

Short Stories/Novellas

All the Way Back(1952) 
Be Fruitful and Multiply(1952) 
The Book(1953) 
Time Payment(1954) 
The Holes(1954) 
A Man of Distinction(1956) 
Death for a Hunter(1957) 
The Lightning(1958) 
The Sea is Cruel(1958) 
The Wide and Starry Sky(1958) 
You’ll Have To Die Now(1958) 
The Peeping Tom Patrol(1958) 
Doctor in Doubt(1959) 
Two Roads to Petra(1976) 
Border Incident(1976) 
The Dark Angel(1982) 
The Billion Dollar Grease Job(2014) 
2066 Election Day(2014) 
The Second Odd Man(2014) 
Little Joe…The Hard Way(2014)
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