Michael Wooldridge

Michael John Wooldridge (born 26 August 1966) is a professor of computer science at the University of Oxford. His main research interests is in multi-agent systems, and in particular, in the computational theory aspects of rational action in systems composed of multiple self-interested agents. His work is characterised using techniques from computational logic, game theory, and social choice theory.

Books in order of publication:

Reasoning about rational agents – 2000

An Introduction to Multi-agent Systems – 2002

Multiagent Systems for Manufacturing Control – 2004

Programming Multi-agent Systems in AgentSpeak Using Jason – 2007

An Introduction to Multi-agent Systems – 2009

Computational Aspects of Cooperative Game Theory – 2011

Principles of Automated Negotiation – 2014

Artificial Intelligence – 2018

The Road to Conscious Machines: The Story of AI – 2020

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