Michelle Paver

Michelle Paver is a British novelist and writer of children’s books, who is famous for writing fantasy, historical fiction, and horror stories. She is particularly famous for writing the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness book series, which is a historical fantasy series set in Europe’s pre-agricultural Stone Age.

Paver won the Children’s Fiction Prize for the series’ final installment. In addition to her world-famous novel series, Paver has written two other novel series, the Daughters of Eden series, and the Gods & Warriors series.

Author Paver was born on September 07, 1960, in Malawi, Central Africa. Her father was a South African citizen, while her mother was of Belgian descent. Paver’s father was the owner of a newspaper agency called Nyasaland Times. Her family moved to Wimbledon when she was three years old and settled there.

Books in order of publication:

Daughters of Eden Trilogy Books

The Shadow Catcher(2002) 
Fever Hill(2003) 
The Serpent’s Tooth(2005) 

Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness Books

Wolf Brother(2004) 
Spirit Walker(2005) 
Soul Eater(2006) 
Oath Breaker(2008) 
Ghost Hunter(2009) 
The Viper’s Daughter(2020) 
Skin Taker(2021) 

Gods and Warriors Books

Gods and Warriors(2012) 
The Burning Shadow(2013) 
The Eye of the Falcon(2014) 
The Crocodile Tomb(2015) 
Warrior Bronze(2016) 

Standalone Novels

Without Charity(2000) 
A Place In The Hills(2001) 
Dark Matter(2010) 
Thin Air(2016) 
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