Mike Carey

Mike Carey is a great writer who has shown excellent work in his career as a writer. He has done several books that have really impressed his readers. Mike Carey was born in 1959 in Liverpool, England. He is currently aged 55- 56 years old and a British nationality. Mike Carey is married to Linda who is also an author of various books. She writes fantasy for the young readers under her pen name A.J Lake. They have three children and an implausibly gorgeous cat. He began showing his writing skills when he was very young. This is because he always entertained his brothers with his awesome drawings and writing plus his interest in comics. His first career was teaching that he did for a period of fifteen years. This is after attending the St. Peter’s College, Oxford where he studied English. Mike Carey is a writer of various books like the novels, comic books and films. Some of his great works include: X-men, Crossing Midnight, Lucifer, X-men: Legacy, Hellblazer and the unwritten among others.

Books in order of publication:

Felix Castor Books

The Devil You Know(2006) 
Vicious Circle(2006) 
Dead Men’s Boots(2007) 
Thicker Than Water(2009) 
The Naming of the Beasts(2009) 

Girls With All The Gifts Books

The Girl with All the Gifts(2014) 
The Boy on the Bridge(2017) 

Standalone Novels

The Dead Sea Deception(2011) 
The Steel Seraglio(2012) 
The Demon Code(2012) 
The House of War and Witness(2014) 
Someone Like Me(2018) 

Suicide Risk Graphic Novels

Suicide Risk, Vol. 1(2013) 
Suicide Risk, Vol. 2(2014) 
Suicide Risk, Vol. 3(2014) 
Suicide Risk, Vol. 4(2015) 
Suicide Risk, Vol. 5(2015) 
Suicide Risk, Vol. 6(2016) 

Graphic Novels

The Sandman Presents: The Furies(2002) 
Hellblazer: All His Engines(2005) 
God Save the Queen(2007) 
Minx: Re-Gifters(2007) 
Minx: Confessions of a Blabbermouth(2007) 
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