Monica Wellington

Monica Wellington was born in London and lived in Europe until she moved to the United States at age seven. As a child she always loved to draw and paint, but it wasn’t until she went to college that she realized she wanted to be an artist for her profession. She went to the University of Michigan’s School of Art to earn her BFA and studied pottery, painting, and printmaking.

After art school, while traveling and living in several different countries, she had various art related jobs, which were all good background and preparation for doing children’s books. She has both written and illustrated most of her books.

She says, “I usually start a book visually, with an idea of what I want to paint pictures about. The pictures may come first before the words for me. Both the pictures and words go through many revisions, and I am often still working on the final words after I finish the pictures.” She says that doing children’s books is great. “I get to have a job where I spend my days doing totally what I love to do. And it is very gratifying that my work goes out into the world and is shared with other people. I feel incredibly lucky for all this!”

Books in order of publication:

All My Little Ducklings – 1989

The Sheep Follow – 1992

Mr. Cookie Baker – 1992

Night Rabbits – 1995

Night House Bright House – 1997

Night City – 1998

Squeaking of Art: The Mice Go to the Museum – 2000

Apple Farmer Annie – 2001

Firefighter Frank  – 2002

Crêpes by Suzette – 2004

Zinnia’s Flower Garden  – 2005

Pizza at Sally’s – 2006

Truck Driver Tom – 2007

Riki’s Birdhouse – 2009

Gabby and Grandma Go Green – 2011

Colors for Zena – 2013

My Ballet Journal – 2014

My Leaf Book – 2015

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