Neil Plakcy

Neil Plakcy is renowned author from America, who likes to write mystery, romance, thriller, and gay & lesbian novels. The range of works that he involves himself in also include anthologies and short story collections. Author Plakcy is particularly popular for writing the Mahu Investigations series and the Golden Retriever mystery series. The high point of Plakcy’s writing career is becoming a finalist for the Lambda Award in the category of the Best Gay Mystery Novel. Most of the mystery books written by author Plakcy are set in Hawaii. Other than being an author, Plakcy has worked as a co-editor and editor of a number of gay erotica stories. He has also served as a book reviewer, a college professor, and a journalist. Plakcy likes to contribute to the gay anthologies on a frequent basis. Author Plakcy was born in Trenton, New Jersey, United States. He completed his graduation from the Pennsylvania University and obtained a degree in the subject of creative writing. Among his friends at the university were Carlos Fuentes and Philip Roth, who also went on to become well known novelists. Later, author Plakcy joined the Columbia University and graduated from its business school with an MBA degree in real estate & operations management. Immediately after this, he started working for a game development company. While he was working with one such computer game developer as a producer in South Florida, author Plakcy got a chance to study for an MFA in creative writing. Subsequently, he passed from the Florida International University with flying colors. Plakcy earned the MFA in the year 1992 and was among the members of the first class of the university that received this degree. At the university, Plakcy’s instructors included James W. Hall. Les Standiford, and Lynne Barrett. Also, Plakcy’s classmates included Christine Kling, Barbara Parker, Vicki Hendricks, and Dennis Lehane. Plakcy had written a thesis about the relationships in Jewish families and the construction of a shopping mall in the form of a comic novel. He had named the thesis as Invasion of the Blatnicks.

Author Plakcy started his professional writing career with his first Hawaiian mystery novel called Mahu. This book was edited and acquired by the mystery author named Greg Herren for the Haworth Press. Author Plakcy chose to get the second book of the series published by the Alyson Books. This publication also published the next installment and then re-published their own version of the first book in 2009. Later, the MLR Books bought the publishing rights of the remaining books of the series. It even published new editions of the initial 3 books. Author Plakcy co-edited a collection of gay men stories along with his long time friend named Sharon Sakson. The collection, titled Paws and Reflect : Special Bond Between Man & Dog, described the experiences of the gay men with dogs. With the release of his 2009 book,, author Plakcy tried his hand at a new genre of novel writing called M/M romance. The basis of this book is author Plakcy’s own experiences in web and software development and his familiarization with the Miami Beach. Plakcy is the winner of the Hawaii Five-O award, which was given to him by the attendees of the fan conference of Left Coast Crime. His work has been reviewed by the specialty and mainstream publications with great enthusiasm. Even numerous fans have liked his work a lot and have praised him for his efforts. Author Plakcy says that he wanted to become a writer since he was 16 years old. At that time, he was amazed by the power of writing while completing one of his high school assignments.

The Mahu series written by Neil Plakcy is comprised of a total of 10 books, which were released between the years 2005 and 2016. All the books of this series feature the lead character in the role of a gay cop named Kimo Kanapa’aka, who resides and works in Honolulu, Hawaii. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘Mahu’. It was released in 2005 by the Haworth Press. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Kimo Kanapa’aka’s world takes a shocking turn in Mahu. At the age of 32, he reaches the pinnacle of his job by becoming a detecting in the homicide squad of the police department of Honolulu. Working from the Waikiki station, he comes across a difficult case that seems to threaten all that he had worked hard for. Kimo even goes through a personal turmoil that makes things much more difficult for him. After getting involved in a life threatening drug bust, Kimo realizes that he must accept the hard truth about his life. When he visits a Waikiki gay bar and consumes a few beers, he begins to get the feeling of attraction towards other men in the bar. And when Kimo cannot take it anymore, he decides to leave the club. It is at this point that he comes across a couple of men throwing away a dead body. And as soon as Kimo launches the investigation in this case, he his personal life becomes the talk of the town. Shortly after, the pursuit of the culprits in the case takes Kimo from elegant million dollar mansions in Maunalani Heights to Chinatown’s seamy underside.

Another mind blowing book written by author Plakcy in the mystery series is called ‘Zero Break’. This book was released by the MLR Press publication in the year 2012. Once again, author Plakcy has set the story in Hawaii, United States. He has introduced the chief characters in the book as Kimo Kanapa’aka, Mike Riccardi, and Ray Donne. In the story of this novel, surfer and homicide detective Kimo Kanapa’aka is shown investigating the killing of a lesbian mother and at the same time struggling with his own life along with his gay partner. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Zero break means that location in deep water from where the waves originate first. Such places are far offshore. But, for the Honolulu surfer and detective, the term refers to the most dangerous case of his detective career so far. Kimo learns that a young lesbian mother has been murdered during a home invasion and robbery attempt. What is left behind after the murder is a complex nature of business and family relationships. Now, in order to solve the murder case, Kimo must join his detective partner, Ray Donne, and navigate through the deadly waters. First, they are required to establish the real motive behind the victim’s death and then bring the murderer to justice. Kimo faces another trouble in his private life as he and his gay partner named Mike Riccardi have decided to father children.

Books published in order by series:

Mahu Books

Mahu Surfer(2007) 
Mahu Fire(2008) 
Mahu Vice(2009) 
Mahu Men(2010) 
Mahu Blood(2011) 
Zero Break(2012) 
Natural Predators(2013) 
Children of Noah(2015) 
Ghost Ship(2016) 

Golden Retriever Mystery Books

In Dog We Trust(2010) 
The Kingdom of Dog(2011) 
Dog Helps Those(2012) 
Whom Dog Hath Joined(2014) 
Dog Have Mercy(2015) 
Honest to Dog(2016) 
Dog is in the Details(2017) 

Angus Green Books

The Next One Will Kill You(2016) 
Nobody Rides For Free(2017) 
Survival is a Dying Art(2018) 

Have Body, Will Guard Books

Three Wrong Turns in the Desert(2009) 
Dancing with the Tide(2010) 
Teach Me Tonight(2011) 
Olives for the Stranger(2012) 
Under the Waterfall(2013) 
The Noblest Vengeance(2014) 
Finding Freddie Venus(2015) 
A Cold Wind(2016) 

Got 15 Minutes? Books

The Six Year Itch(2011)

Love On… Books

Love on Site(2013) 
Love on Stage(2014) 
Love on the Pitch(2015) 
Love on the Boil(2017) 

Shifting Through The Snow Books

Love Shift(2017)

Standalone Novels

Invasion of the Blatnicks(2000) 
At the Diner(2010) 
Pledge Class and Other College Boy Erotica(2010) 
Tough Guy Erotica(2010) 
Guardian Angel of South Beach(2010) 
The Outhouse Gang(2010) 
Mr. Surfer and Other Gay Erotica(2010) 
Mi Amor(2011) 
The Handsome Prince(2011) 
Soul Kiss(2011) 
The Russian Boy(2011) 
The Buchanan Letters(2012) 
Genie for Hire(2013) 
The Cat Who Got Married(2015) 
Love on the Web(2015) 
In His Kiss(2018) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Noche Buena(2011) 
Lights Out, Valentine(2012) 
Waves of Gold and Smoke(2012) 
Mixed Up(2012) 
Third Night(2012) 
Photo Booth(2013) 
Creeling the Bridegroom(2014) 
Kimo & Mike(2015) 
Holiday Treat Recipes for Special Dogs(2015) 
The Sea Between Us(2015) 

Non-Fiction Books

Paws and Reflect(2006)
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