Nevil Shute

An English novelist who later spent much of his time in Australia, the author Nevil Shute Norway, or simply Nevil Shute as he went by his pen-name, was primarily known for his books that tackled everyday issues such as work, race and social-barriers. With a clear and easy to read style, he was known for his direct and straightforward approach that immediately engaged the reader jumping right off the page. Not only that, but he also had a highly successful aeronautical career as an engineer, something which he balanced alongside his work as a writer, something which his pseudonym helped with as the two didn’t overlap.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

So Disdained(1928) 
Lonely Road(1932) 
Ruined City(1938) 
What Happened to the Corbetts(1939) 
An Old Captivity(1940) 
Pied Piper(1942) 
Most Secret(1945) 
Vinland the Good(1946) 
The Chequer Board(1947) 
No Highway(1948) 
A Town Like Alice(1950) 
Round the Bend(1951) 
The Far Country(1952) 
In the Wet(1953) 
Slide Rule(1954) 
Requiem for a Wren(1955) 
Beyond the Black Stump(1956) 
On the Beach(1957) 
The Rainbow and the Rose(1958) 
Trustee from the Toolroom(1960) 
Stephen Morris(1961) 

Publication Order of Short Stories

The Seafearers(2002)
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