Niall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson is world renowned for his highly incisive and informative writing. With an understanding of history that has set himself apart from other writers, he has managed to create a niche for himself quite unlike any other. 

Niall was born in Glasgow, Scotland.  He studied at private Glasgow Academy based in Scotland.  He later attended Magdalen College in Oxford.  Working as a weekly columnist in Sunday Times in London, Niall Ferguson has become a highly prolific author.

Books in order of publication:

Empire Books

Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power(2004) 
Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World(2018) 

Government Books

The Cash Nexus(2001) 
Does the 21st Century Belong to China? (With: Fareed Zakaria,Henry Kissinger,David Daokui Li)(2011) 
Has the European Experiment Failed?(2012) 
The Great Degeneration(2012) 
The Square and the Tower(2017) 
Is This the End of the Liberal International Order?(2017) 

Rothschild Books

The World’s Banker. The History of the House of Rothschild.(1998) 
The House of Rothschild(1998) 
The House of Rothschild, Vol 1(1998) 

Publication Order of History Books

Blood Borders(1957) 
Paper and Iron(1995) 
Dundee and Newtyle Railway Including the Alyth and Blairgowrie Branches(1995) 
Virtual History(1997) 
The Pity of War(1998) 
The War of the World(2006) 
The Ascent of Money(2007) 
Always Right(2013) 


High Financier(2010) 


The Shock of the Global(2010)
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