Nicola Upson

Nicola Upson was born in a lovely part of England, best known for its history, meaning Suffolk. She always had a passion for reading and books, which she later decides to explore by enrolling for English studies at Downing College, at Cambridge.

She stood out as one of their best students and went on to pursue her career as a writer. With an unstoppable force, she quickly produced her first novel, for which she was rewarded with an award from the England Council of Art. Her career had just started and soon her name would be on the lips of everyone, not just in England, but in other parts of the world as well.

Books in order of publication:

Josephine Tey Books

An Expert in Murder(2008) 
Angel with Two Faces(2009) 
Two for Sorrow(2010) 
Fear in the Sunlight(2012) 
The Death of Lucy Kyte(2013) 
London Rain(2015) 
Nine Lessons(2017) 
Sorry for the Dead(2019) 
The Secrets of Winter / Dead of Winter(2020)
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