Nicolas Freeling

The British writer Nicolas Freeling was a literary institution during his time, with a wide number of books produced in his back catalog. Largely focusing on mystery thrillers, he was a true master of suspense, building an air of foreboding within his stories, whilst keeping his readers guessing throughout. This all lead to him leaving a legacy, the impact of which is still felt today, as many writers continue to follow in his footsteps, entertaining generations of readers to come.

Books in order of publication:

Van Der Valk Books

Love in Amsterdam(1962) 
Because of the Cats(1963) 
Gun Before Butter(1963) 
Criminal Conversation(1965) 
The King of the Rainy Country(1965) 
Strike Out Where Not Applicable(1967) 
The Lovely Ladies(1971) 
A Long Silence(1972) 
The Widow(1979) 
One Damn Thing After Another(1981) 
Sand Castles(1989) 

Henri Castang Books

A Dressing of Diamonds(1974) 
What are the Bugles Blowing For?(1975) 
The Night Lords(1978) 
Castang’s City(1980) 
The Back of the North Wind(1983) 
No Part in Your Death(1984) 
Cold Iron(1986) 
Lady Macbeth(1988) 
Not as Far as Velma(1989) 
Those in Peril(1990) 
The Flanders Sky(1992) 
You Who Know(1994) 
The Seacoast of Bohemia(1994) 
A Dwarf Kingdom(1996) 

Standalone Novels

The Dresden Green(1966) 
This is the Castle(1968) 
A City Solitary(1985) 
One More River(1998) 
Some Day Tomorrow(2000) 
The Janeites(2002) 

Non-Fiction Books

The Kitchen Book(1970) 
Criminal Convictions(1994) 
The Village Book(2001) 
The Kitchen and the Cook(2002)
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