Nicole Krauss

An American award-winning author, Nicole Krauss has been writing for quite some time now, with her books being greatly received by both critics and the general public alike. A major part of the literary establishment, she’s made a vastly influential name for herself, as she both writes and tours the circuit. Featured in a number of prestigious publications, she’s respected by both her many peers and contemporaries for her unique and perceptive insight.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1974 on the 18th of August, she was brought up in the area of Manhattan in New York City, living in Long Island. With a lifelong affinity with the written word, she started fully writing when she was just a teenager and has kept at it ever since. With an American Jewish father and a British Jewish mother, she grew up with a rich and varied cultural history, something which has heavily influenced her writing ever since.

Educated at Stanford University, she enrolled there in 1992, during which time she met the Russian poet Joseph Brodsky. Over the course of three years. he then proceeded to assist her with her poetry, helping her learn the art of the craft. Later, in 1996, she went on to study at Oxford University after being awarded a Marshall Scholarship to go there.

When Brodsky died she went on to produce a documentary based on his life three years later in 1999 for the BBC Radio 3. She would also go on to gain a master’s in art history in London from the Courtauld Institute, whereby she focused on 17th Century Dutch Art. It was after this that she soon went on to create an impressive and highly influential writing career for herself.

Still writing to this very day, she continues to put out work, as well as tour, from her home in Brooklyn in New York. Previously married to the author Jonathan Safran Foer, they had two children together called Cy and Sasha. With plenty more books set to be released on the horizon, she will continue expanding upon her legacy for some time to come.

Writing Career

It was in 2002 that she published her first novel, ‘Man Walks into A Room’, thus making her initial impact upon the literary scene. Gaining critical acclaim and plaudits she was soon well on her way to making a name for herself within the industry. Laying out a lot of her themes and ideas, she established who she was and what she was about with a clear and confident first novel.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

Man Walks Into a Room(2002) 
The History of Love(2005) 
Great House(2010) 
Forest Dark(2017) 

Short Story Collections

To Be a Man(2020)
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