Pajtim Statovci

Pajtim Statovci (born 1990) is a Finnish novelist. His debut novel, Kissani Jugoslavia, was published in 2014, winning the Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize for best debut novel in Finnish for that year, and was published in 2017 as My Cat Yugoslavia in the UK and US. It was made into a play and staged at the Finnish National Theater in Helsinki in 2018. His second novel, Tiranan sydän, won the Toisinkoinen Literature Prize for 2016, and was published as Crossing in the UK and the US in 2019.

Books in order of publication:

My Cat Yugoslavia 2014, (Pantheon Books). (English).

Crossing, 2016, (Pantheon Books).

Bolla, 2019, (Otava).

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