Paul Michael Kennedy

Paul Michael Kennedy is a British historian specialising in the history of international relations, economic power, and grand strategy. He has published prominent books on the history of British foreign policy and Great Power struggles.

Books in order of publication:

Pacific onslaught 7th Dec. 1941/7th Feb. 1943 – 1972

Conquest: The Pacific War 1943–45 (1973)

The Samoan Tangle – 1974

The rise and fall of British naval mastery – 1976

The rise of the Anglo-German antagonism, 1860-1914 – 1980

The realities behind diplomacy : background influences on British external policy, 1865-1980 – 1981

Strategy and diplomacy, 1870-1945 – 1983

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers – 1987

Grand strategies in war and peace – 1991

Preparing for the twenty-first century – 1993

From war to peace : altered strategic landscapes in the twentieth century – 2000

The Parliament of Man- 2006

Engineers of victory : the problem solvers who turned the tide in the Second World War – 2014

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