Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F. Hamilton is Britain’s biggest selling fiction author. He was born on March 2, 1960 in Rutland, England and still lives there to this day with his wife and kids. In 1987, he started writing and it was in 1988 when he sold his first short story to Fear Magazine.

He is widely famous for his writings about space opera – a science fiction with a setting mainly or entirely in the outer space which has a plot of melodramatic adventure or space warfare and characters having advanced abilities or futuristic weapons.

Hamilton has written space operas from short stories to trilogies to sagas.

Early Works

In the mid-1990s, Peter F. Hamilton started to come into prominence for his trilogy novel about a psychic detective named Greg Mandel who was implanted with a biotechnology gland which makes him a living lie detector. Set in futuristic England which was run down by a communist government and environmental plague, Greg Mandel was called on to solve mysterious cases. To this day, readers of this trilogy are hoping Hamilton writes another story about the protagonist of his breakout novel.

Greg Mandel Trilogy

Mindstar Rising

The first book of the trilogy Mindstar Rising is an introduction to the main characters – Greg Mandel & Julia Evans. Julia Evans in the teenage granddaughter of Philip Evans, a billionaire who owns Event Horizon Company who only had a short time to live. When a sabotage was discovered, they called in Greg Mandel to discover the organization who was behind it. The story starts in the first half of the 21st century in England and has endured a ten-year hardship after suffering from a dictatorship, bankruptcy and economic collapse. As the economy slowly recovered, the success of companies that are able to thrive are limitless – Event Horizon was one of the companies able to thrive. As Greg Mandel dug deeper into the case, he has discovered far worse and dangerous discoveries.

Quantum Murder

Two years after Mindstar Rising came A Quantum Murder, a story that starts out dark with the murder of a noble physics laureate, Professor Edward Kitchener. The suspects of the murder came to six students who were all locked inside the house. Professor Edward Kitchener was working on a radical technology for Event Horizon and Julia Evans called the help of Greg Mandel. Planted with the biotechnology implant, his ability has revealed to him that none of the suspects could have killed the professor while a legacy of the professor has revealed exactly who might have killed him and forced Greg Mandel with a bitter confrontation of his past. With a setting fifteen years on was the last book of the trilogy entitled The Nano Flower.

The Greg Mandel Trilogy undoubtedly launched the career of Peter F. Hamilton. People loved the spy nature of Greg Mandel and the suspense detective plot of the story. There were several calls for Peter F. Hamilton to write another Greg Mandel story but he has rather insisted that The Nano Flower has made a rather neat end to the trilogy.

Short Stories

Peter F. Hamilton’s A Second Chance At Eden, is a collection of short stories which provides glimpses of his trilogy “The Night’s Dawn” and provides a history of the confederation which leads to the time of Joshua Calvert and Quinn Dexter, the protagonists of The Night’s Dawn Trilogy. It is composed of seven stories and the main story is set in the year 2090 when a series of events led to the formation of a society that was to become Edenists.

Another short story “The Lives and Loves of Tiarella Rosa” which first appeared in 1993, was set in the year 2447 and the story evolved around passion, destiny and cloning.

Published in July 1997 is the short story entitled Escape Route, set in the year 2586. Marcus Calvert encounters a long-abandoned alien spacecraft with an escape route still intact.

The Short Story that Hamilton has written supports the trilogy The Night’s Dawn and offers a clearer understanding and depth of the trilogy.


Apart from Trilogies and short stories, Peter F. Hamilton has also written about sagas, in particular and the most popular is the Commonwealth Saga. It consists of the novels Pandora’s Star, Judas Unchained, Misspent Youth, The Dreaming Void, The Temporal Void and the Evolutionary Void.

Hamilton’s ability to engage readers in a world of both human and alien characters has always proven to be very uncanny. Pandora’s star has taken the readers into the start-spanning civilization of the 24th century – the Intersolar Commonwealth. Hamilton is not known to hold back when it comes to the grand plots of his story and this saga has taken readers across another universe.

In the first Saga, Pandora’s Star, the setting is in 2380 and the Intersolar Commonwealth contains more than six hundred worlds and over a thousand light years away, one astronomer named Dudley Bose observed a star that just vanishes. It does not go into a supernova or collapses into a black hole but just simply disappears.

Other Novels

Hamilton’s one of the most recent novels published in the year 2001 is The Fallen Dragon which is about the mercenary Lawrence Newton and his attempts to capture a fabulous treasure and turned out to be something more important. Lawrence Newton comes from the planet Amethi, he is the son of the most powerful members of the board of the corporation that controls their planet. He has developed a passionate relationship with a girl named Roselyn when his father has taken him to a resort and she informed him about space exploration missions through companies on Earth. As a child, Newton dreamed of becoming a starship pilot. When his father told him that Roselyn was only paid to meet and seduce him, fury made him decide to leave Amethi immediately.

In the story, Lawrence Newton meets the dragon with a greatly advanced technology knowledge such as nanotechnology. When Newton has learned of the dragon’s story, he has decided to help him and the villagers of Arnoon to steal a spaceship.

All in all, Peter F. Hamilton has treated us to riveting pieces of literature that will remain etched in our memories forever.

Greg Mandel Books

Mindstar Rising(1992) 
A Quantum Murder(1994) 
The Nano Flower(1995) 
Family Matters(2014) 

Night’s Dawn Books

The Reality Dysfunction(1996) 
The Neutronium Alchemist(1997) 
The Naked God(1999) 

Night’s Dawn Collection

A Second Chance at Eden(1996)

Night’s Dawn Non-Fiction Books

The Confederation Handbook(2000)

Commonwealth Saga Books

Pandora’s Star(2004) 
Judas Unchained(2005) 

Void Trilogy Books

The Dreaming Void(2007) 
The Temporal Void(2008) 
The Evolutionary Void(2010) 

Commonwealth: Chronicle Of The Fallers Books

The Abyss Beyond Dreams(2014) 
A Night Without Stars(2016) 

Queen Of Dreams Books

The Secret Throne(2014) 
The Hunting of the Princes(2016) 
A Voyage Through Air(2017) 

Salvation Sequence Books

Salvation Lost(2019) 

Standalone Novels

The Web: Lightstorm(1998) 
Watching Trees Grow(2000) 
Fallen Dragon(2001) 
Misspent Youth(2002) 
Great North Road(2012) 

Short Stories

If at First…(2011) 
A Window into Time(2016) 

Short Story Collection

Manhattan in Reverse(2011)
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