Peter Lovesey

Peter Lovesey is one of the well-known British author of the contemporary detective and historical novels as well as short stories. He is specifically famous for developing the characters of Sergeant Cribb and Peter Diamond. Cribb is described as a police detective from the Victorian era living in London, while Peter is shown as a modern day police detective who lives in Bath.

Books in order of publication by series:

Sergeant Cribb Books

Wobble to Death(1970) 
The Detective Wore Silk Drawers(1970) 
Mad Hatter’s Holiday(1973) 
The Tick Of Death / Invitation To A Dynamite Party(1974) 
A Case Of Spirits(1975) 
Swing, Swing Together(1976) 

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales Books

Bertie And The Tinman(1987) 
Bertie And The Seven Bodies(1990) 
Bertie and the Crime of Passion(1993) 

Inspector Henrietta Mallin Books

The Circle(2005) 
The Headhunters(2008) 

Peter Diamond Books

The Last Detective(1991) 
Diamond Solitaire(1992) 
The Summons(1995) 
Upon A Dark Night(1997) 
The Vault(1999) 
Diamond Dust(2002) 
The House Sitter(2003) 
The Secret Hangman(2007) 
Skeleton Hill(2009) 
Cop to Corpse(2012) 
The Tooth Tattoo(2013) 
The Stone Wife(2014) 
Down Among the Dead Men(2015) 
Another One Goes Tonight(2016) 
Beau Death(2017) 
Killing with Confetti(2019) 
The Finisher(2020) 

Standalone Novels

Spider Girl / In Suspense(1980) 
The False Inspector Dew(1981) 
Rough Cider(1986) 
The Secret of Spandau(1986) 
On the Edge / Dead Gorgeous(1989) 
The Reaper(2001) 


Butchers and Other Stories of Crime(1985) 
The Black Cabinet(1989) 
The Crime of Miss Oyster Brown and Other Stories(1994) 
A Dead Giveaway(1995) 
The Sedgemoor Strangler(1999) 
Murder on the Short List(2008) 

Non-Fiction Books

Five Kings of Distance(1968) 


The Perfect Murder(1991) 
A Century of British Mystery and Suspense(2000) 
Death by Horoscope(2001) 
Malice Domestic 10(2001) 
Thou Shalt Not Kill(2005) 
The Sinking Admiral(2016) 
The Usual Santas(2016) 
Silent Night, Deadly Night(2016) 
Silver Bullets(2019)
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