Peter Marren

Peter Marren (born 1950) is a British writer, journalist, and naturalist. He has written over 20 books about British nature, including Chasing the Ghost: My Search for all the Wild Flowers of Britain (2018), an account of a year-long quest to see every wild flower in the UK; Rainbow Dust: Three Centuries of Butterfly Delight (2016); Bugs Britannica (2010); and After They’re Gone: Extinctions Past, Present and Future (2022). Marren has also written several books about military history and battlefields and, as a journalist, many national newspaper articles.

Books in order of publication:

Nature Books:

A Natural History of Aberdeen.  1982. R. Callander.

Woodland Heritage. 1990. David & Charles.

The New Naturalists. 1995. HarperCollins Publishers.

Britain’s Rare Flowers. 1999. T & A D Poyser Natural History.

Where the Wild Thyme Blew: Growing Up with Nature in the Fifties and Sixties. 2016. Pisces Publications.

Rainbow Dust: Three Centuries of Butterfly Delight. 2016. University of Chicago Press.

Chasing the Ghost: My Search for All the Wild Flowers of Britain. 2018.

Mushrooms: The Natural and Human World of British Fungi. 2018. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Emperors, Admirals and Chimney-Sweepers: The Naming of Butterflies and Moths. 2020. Little Toller Books.

After They’re Gone: Extinctions Past, Present, and Future. 2022. Hodder & Stoughton.

Military Books:

Grampian Battlefields: The Historic Battles of North East Scotland from AD84 to 1745. 1990. Aberdeen University Press.

1066: The Battles of York, Stamford Bridge & Hastings. 2004. Pen & Sword Books.

Battles of the Dark Ages. 2006. Pen and Sword.

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