Peter May

At a young age, Peter wanted to be a novelist. He started out his writing career in journalism and won his first award, the Fraser Award, in 1973 when he was only 21 years old. For this he was labeled Scotland’s Young Journalist of the Year. Peter completed his first novel at the age of 26 titled The Reporter, which was later adapted to a British television series in 1978 called The Standard. He met his wife, Janice Hally, when he was working on the television series, Take the High Road. They were married in 1990 and are currently residing in France.

The Lewis Trilogy

The Lewis Trilogy began in 2009 with Peter’s novel, The Blackhouse. This murder mystery series takes place on the Isle of Lewis where life is unforgiving, and the fear of God is apparent. The Blackhouse starts the series off with Fin Macleod, a police detective and native born of the Isle of Lewis, on a murder investigation that takes him back to his roots.

Books in order of publication:

The China Thrillers Books

The Firemaker(1999) 
The Fourth Sacrifice(2000) 
The Killing Room(2000) 
The Runner(2003) 
Chinese Whispers(2004) 
The Ghost Marriage(2010) 

The Enzo Files Books

Extraordinary People / Dry Bones(2006) 
The Critic / A Vintage Corpse(2007) 
Blacklight Blue(2008) 
Freeze Frame(2010) 
Cast Iron(2017) 
The Night Gate(2021) 

Lewis Trilogy Books

The Blackhouse(2009) 
The Lewis Man(2011) 
The Chessmen(2012) 

Standalone Novels

The Reporter(1978) 
Fallen Hero(1979) 
The Man with No Face / Hidden Faces(1981) 
The Noble Path(1992) 
Virtually Dead(2010) 
Entry Island(2013) 
Coffin Road(2016) 
I’ll Keep You Safe(2018) 
A Silent Death(2020) 

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

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