Peter Robinson – Horticultural Consultant

Peter Robinson is a horticultural consultant, specializing in designing and installing water features, whose career extends over 35 years. His books include the RHS titles Water Gardening and Ponds and Water Features. A fellow of the Institute of Horticulture, he has lectured across the world.

Books in order of publication by series:

Pool and Waterside Gardening: A Kew Gardening Guide1987
Waterlilies & Other Aquatic Plants1989
The Flower Garden: A Practical Guide to Planning and Planting1995
The Water Garden: A Practical Guide to Planning and Planting1995
Water Gardening: Water Lilies and Lotuses1996
The American Horticultural Society Complete Guide To Water Gardening1997
RHS Water Gardening1997
American Horticultural Society Practical Guides: Water-wise Gardening1999
American Horticultural Society Practical Guides: Containers1999
American Horticultural Society Practical Guides: Ponds And Water Features1999
The Practical Rock And Water Garden2000
Pond Basics2000
Water And Rock Gardening2001
Rock And Water Gardening: A Practical Guide To Construction And Planting2001
Ponds & Water Features2002
Water Gardening2003
Splash!: Rock And Water Design In Gardens2003
Plants for Ponds, Rock and Water Features: Practical Advice on Planning, Planting and Maintaining Rock and Water Gardens, Including Over 300 Stunning Photographs2003
Rock And Water Plants2004
Gardening with Rock & Water: A Practical Guide to Design, Plants and Features with Over 800 Step-By-Step Photographs and Inspirational Plans2005
Water Gardens In A Weekend: Projects For One, Two Or Three Weekends2006
The Illustrated Practical Guide To Water And Rock Gardening2008
The Illustrated Practical Guide to Water & Rock Gardening: Everything You Need to Know to Design, Construct and Plant Up a Rock or Water Garden with Directories of Suitable Plants and How to Grow Them2014
Making Water & Rock Gardens: Over 50 Techniques Shown in 350 Step-By-Step Photographs2016
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