Peter York

Peter York (born Peter Wallis; 1944) is a British management consultant, author and broadcaster best known for writing Harpers & Queen’s The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook with Ann Barr. He has worked as a columnist for The Independent on Sunday, GQ, and Management Today, and Associate of the media, analysis and networking organization Editorial Intelligence.

Peter Wallis was the co-founder with Lord Stevenson of the management consultancy SRU Ltd, and during the 1980s developed the SRU Group of nine specialist business consultancies. He was appointed Chairman of a Department of Trade and Industry Committee in March 1994. The committee was set up to examine the future of leisure in the UK as part of the British Government’s ‘Foresight’ initiative. Peter Mandelson worked as a consultant to SRU between 1990 and 1992.

Books in order of publication:

  • Style Wars (1980)
  • The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook (1982), co-authored with Ann Barr
  • Peter York’s Eighties (1996), co-authored with Charles Jennings
  • Dictators’ Homes (2005)
  • Cooler, Faster, More Expensive: the Return of the Sloane Ranger (2007), with Olivia Stewart-Liberty.
  • “Authenticity is a con” (2014)
  • The War Against the BBC (2020)
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