Philip Roth

Philip Roth was a bestselling American author who wrote novels and short stories. A National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winner, Roth died in 2018.

Books in order of publication by series:

David Kepesh Books

The Breast(1972) 
The Professor of Desire(1977) 
The Dying Animal(2001) 

Nathan Zuckerman Books

My Life as a Man(1974) 
The Ghost Writer(1979) 
Zuckerman Unbound(1981) 
The Anatomy Lesson(1983) 
The Prague Orgy(1985) 
Exit Ghost(2001) 

American Trilogy Books

American Pastoral(1997) 
I Married a Communist(1998) 
The Human Stain(2000) 

Standalone Novels

Letting Go(1962) 
When She Was Good(1967) 
Portnoy’s Complaint(1969) 
Our Gang(1971) 
The Great American Novel(1973) 
The Counterlife(1987) 
Operation Shylock(1993) 
Sabbath’s Theater(1995) 
His Mistress’s Voice(1995) 
The Plot Against America(2004) 
The Humbling(2009) 


Goodbye, Columbus(1959) 
A Philip Roth Reader(1980) 


The Conversion of the Jews(1983)

Non-Fiction Books

Reading Myself and Others(1975) 
American West’s Acid Rain Test(1985) 
The Facts(1988) 
Shop Talk(2001) 
A Writer at Work(2011) 
Notes For My Biographer(2012) 
Why Write?(2017)
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