Rachel Cusk

Rachel Cusk is an award-winning Canadian author. She has written several critically acclaimed but highly controversial autobiographical novels that delve into the challenges of her life as a writer, a mother, and a woman.

Rachel Cusk was born in 1967. She was just one of four children, born to an adventurous couple. Her parents got married in the 1960s and then left England, making a home in Canada where Cusk was born.

But they did not stay long, eventually migrating to Los Angeles. The author was eight years old when they finally returned to England.

Because of her nomadic upbringing, Cusk was always fascinated by people who lived in the same places and the same houses for years and even decades at a time.

Outline Books


Standalone Novels

Saving Agnes(1993) 
The Temporary(1995) 
The Country Life(1997) 
The Lucky Ones(2003) 
In the Fold(2005) 
Arlington Park(2006) 
The Bradshaw Variations(2009) 
Second Place(2021) 

Non-Fiction Books

A Life’s Work(2001) 
The Last Supper(2009) 
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