Randall Kenan

Randall Kenan, born in Brooklyn, New York on March 12, 1963, was an American author of nonfiction and fiction. Kenan, who was raised in a rural community in North Carolina, focused his fiction work on what it means to be gay and black in the southern United States.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

A Visitation of Spirits(1989) 


Let The Dead Bury Their Dead And Other Stories(1992) 
Racing Home(2001) 
If I Had Two Wings(2020) 

Non-Fiction Books

James Baldwin(1993) 
A Time Not Here: The Mississippi Delta(1997) 
Walking On Water: Black American Lives At The Turn Of The Twenty First Century(1999) 
The Fire This Time(2008) 
The Carolina Table: North Carolina Writers on Food(2016) 


Twenty-Seven Views of Hillsborough(2010)
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