Rennie Airth

A South African novelist, the author Rennie Airth has been an extremely prolific writer over the years, having not just written fiction, but also having worked as a foreign correspondent for the Reuters news agency too, adding to his long and extensive backlog of accomplishments throughout his lifetime.

Creating a name for himself, he is managed to build a respectable brand of journalism, along with his historically accurate and highly detailed fictional stories. Winning awards for his work, he is exemplified by both his peers and contemporaries, with his novels being appreciated by the critics and the public alike, on a national and an international scale.

Books in order of publication:

John Madden Books

River of Darkness(1999)
The Blood-Dimmed Tide(2004) 
The Dead of Winter(2009) 
The Reckoning(2014) 
The Death of Kings(2017) 
The Decent Inn of Death(2020) 

Standalone Novels

Once a Spy(1981) 
Cold Kill(2020)
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