Richard Beard

Richard James Beard (born 12 January 1967) is an English author of fiction and non-fiction books and short literature. He is the winner of the 2018 PEN/Ackerley prize for his memoir The Day That Went Missing.

Books in order of publication:

Books (fiction)

X20, A Novel of Not Smoking (1996),

Damascus (1998),

The Cartoonist (2000),

Dry Bones (2004),

Lazarus is Dead (2011),

Acts of the Assassins (re-titled The Apostle Killer for the U.S. release) (2015),

Books (non-fiction)

Muddied Oafs: The Last Days of Rugger (2003),

Manly Pursuits (re-titled How to Beat the Australians for subsequent editions) (2006),

Becoming Drusilla (2008),

The Day That Went Missing: A Family’s Story (2017),

Sad Little Men: Private Schools and the Ruin of England (2021),

Short fiction

Hearing Myself Think (Published in Prospect, 29 April 2007)

Guidelines for Measures to Cope with Disgraceful and Other Events (2008)

James Joyce, EFL Teacher (2010)

Lift Under Inspection Do Not Touch (Published in anthology Still: Short Stories Inspired by Photographs of Vacated Spaces: Negative Press, 2012)

Short non-fiction

How to Stop Your Mother-in-Law from Drowning (Published in Granta issue 88, Winter 2005)

Rain (Included in The Authors XI: A Season of English Cricket from Hackney to Hambledon: Bloomsbury, 2013)

To Live Outside the Law You Must Be Honest (Commissioned by the International Literature Showcase, 2017)

The Archangel’s Way (Published in Hinterland issue 2, Summer 2019)

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